Health, Safety and Environment

St. Louis Roofing contractor, Tremco Roofing, ensures the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors, customers and the environment in its business practices. Our primary objective is to prevent and reduce accidents, injuries and illnesses in the St. Louis area by making health and safety the mainstay of our company. We hope to reduce the number of these accidental injuries and illnesses to zero, and every employee we hire is obligated to strive towards this goal.

To realize this commitment in the St. Louis area, we include initiatives in our health and safety program including:

  • Implementing health and safety plans on each project
  • Conducting job site safety meetings for construction work
  • Instructing our field technical representatives in American Red Cross CPR and "Slips, Trips, and Falls" training
  • Training and certifying our field technical representatives annually in OSHA guidelines and programs
  • Integrating a corporate Fall Protection plan
  • Incorporating specialized safety plans for each customer
  • Screening our employees for drug use

View our fall protection systems brochure.

View our health and safety brochure to learn more about our program.

St. Louis Roofing contractor, Tremco Roofing, also makes its contractors accountable for health and safety. Our Subcontractor Safety Program is devised to address environmental and transportation safety requirements in the St. Louis area, helping to ensure the safety of our customer and contractor employees, facilities, and equipment. Our contractors are required to comply with this program in order to continue working with us.

Environmental concerns are paramount to our business ideology at St. Louis Tremco Roofing. We continue to improve upon our business practices by finding and implementing functional and pragmatic opportunities to lower the environmental impact of our working endeavors and products. Our staff is well-versed in identifying and averting possible issues before any project begins. We are also working vigorously to cut back emissions and regulate waste on all job locations in the the St. Louis area.