Cold Applied Built Up Roofing Systems

In St Louis, for a project where the building cannot be empty while roofing, such as a school or hospital, the roof has limited accessibility, durability and waterproofing are essential, and a hot materials system isn’t the right choice, St Louis Tremco Roofing’s BURmastic cold applied built-up roof system may be the way to go. Our BURmastic system has no kettles or bad odor, making it ideal for a city environment and means the building can remain occupied during the reroofing. This ability to keep business going will keep life smooth while we do the work. It is also a great choice for new construction. We can meet a variety of demands using the BURmastic cold applied built-up roofing system including low odor, solvent free configurations if necessary, and we can even include recycled content. You can download our flyer here for more information.

If your neighborhood or company has sustainability mandates or you just want to reduce your building’s energy use to cut costs, our unique Rock-It or water-based Rock-It WB Roof Surfacing Systems combine white marble aggregate with white adhesive for a reflective ENERGY STAR* qualifies surfacing we can install on a built-up roof. It is even asbestos free. Neither of our Rock-It systems absorb much heat, making the buildings cooler and allowing for lower energy use during our hot St. Louis summers. This also helps reduce strain on HVAC systems, saving you money. Rock-It meets most roofing requirements, and Rock-It WB’s water based adhesive will help make your roof become even more sustainable.