Vegetated Roofing Systems

St Louis Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance is proud to provide vegetated roofing systems, one of the most environmentally responsible, attractive, and cost effective solutions available. This creative roofing system is undoubtedly a wonderful way to meet the ever growing demands for sustainable and responsible construction and building management. Building owners, sustainability officers, architects, and building managers agree that vegetated roofing systems play an important role in managing roof water runoff, reducing facility operations cost, improving air quality and energy efficiency, increasing the roof’s lifetime, enhancing the value and appearance of the building, relieving the occupants’ stress, and helping the building attain LEED certification.

All of these benefits do come with some decision making however. We at St Louis Tremco Roofing have a system making it easier for St. Louis to cover our offs with garden than any other roofing contractor in the area. We’ve developed three fully integrated systems that include all the necessary components, simplifying the ordering and installing process for everyone!

  • VR Lite is the perfect solution for when budgetary or structural limitations call for a thin, lightweight, build-up system.
  • VR Mod is an “instant vegetated roof” option where the plants are grown before the roof is installed.
  • VR Max is our best performing, built up system, perfect for intensive and semi-intensive vegetation. VR Max systems will support almost any rooftop landscape and is unrivalled in storm water management and cooling benefits.
St Louis Tremco Roofing’s commitment to single source responsibility, sustainability, and extensive warranty on your vegetated roof  is unparalleled. We even offer a maintenance program, TremCare Green, to keep your roof’s plants in great condition, therefore keeping up with all the benefits they offer. No other company offers a dedicated and efficient program quite like this.

When developing a vegetated roofing system, we recommend using solvent-free products.