Quality Assurance

Our philosophy at St. Louis Roofing contractor, Tremco Roofing, has always been that a well designed, installed, and cared for roof can last as long as your building. At Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance, we ensure the quality of your roof at each stage- from Research and Development and throughout the life of the roof.

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Our Quality Assurance approach includes several important elements:

Research and Development

Product design, including material performance criteria and environmental consideration, is paramount to Quality Assurance at St. Louis Roofing contractor, Tremco Roofing. Our concern for the environment starts with product creation and lasts until when the roof may no longer be on your building.

All products we generate are asbestos-free and in exacting accordance with Environmental Protection Agency rules and regulations.

Our singular Tremco Fire Test Lab, suitable for testing products to either ASTM E108 or UL 790 test criteria, is part of our Research and Development program.


It is imperative that quality and consistency are gauged against established and published standards. We create products that routinely meet and exceed industry guidelines.

ISO Certification

Both St. Louis Roofing contractor, Tremco Incorporated, and WTI (Weatherproofing Technologies, Inc.) are proud to be ISO 9001:2008 certified organizations. The is the most strict and rigorous quality certification that can be obtained in this division. With these certifications, our customers can be sure of the quality of our phenomenal service and products. We have tailored this service over our many years of serving exceptional and informed customers.

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Superlative performance is accomplished by using well established and well tested roofing practices. We tailor each roof we make to the detailed specifications and needs of the customer. To help this process, our representatives are schooled in safe and thorough roofing procedures; for instance, a typical employee receives over 500 hours of formal training in the first year alone.

We have a long entrenched reputation for outstanding field technical ability. The representative is further supported by a field support staff. We also help specifiers on existing roofs by giving a comprehensive analysis of the roof troubles.


The contractor is pivotal in the relationship between St. Louis Roofing contractor, Tremco Roofing, the architect, and the building owner. We aim to select contractors that most closely meet the installation, financial, and insurance requirements on each job. During the project, the Tremco Roofing representative is on location regularly to help quality control of the application.

Before we finish each application, the owner and/or specifier, the contractor and our trained inspector conduct a final inspection. Any flaws are documented and rectified, and only then is the warranty on the roof issued. There are numerous warranty options available.

Warranties, customarily, provide protection in the rare event that materials are deficient or faulty. It is not the stance of St Louis Roofing contractor, Tremco Roofing, to provide a warranty in place of proper analysis, system and material choice, application and maintenance. Only by using our rigorous design and application process can a roof's performance and longevity be ensured.

After the Application

Along with the warranty, every customer is given a post-installation owner's manual for their new roof. This manual emphasizes maintenance procedures that, if followed closely, will keep the roof in pristine condition. In case of a problem, a sticker with a toll-free number that can be placed in roof access areas is also provided.

Regular, periodic inspections can detect a small problem before it becomes a major issue, helping to ensure the longevity of the roof. The warranted systems of St. Louis Roofing contractor, Tremco Roofing, come with regularly scheduled inspections, based on the length of the warranty option chosen.

When each scheduled inspection is complete, a report that includes a checklist of components examined and a description of the roof and maintenance schedule is published.